Aggregate (In-Line) Hoppers with Conveying System

We supply Italian-made aggregate (in-line) hoppers complete with a conveying system designed to store granular-like materials, e.g., aggregates and sand. Our supplied Italian-made products are a world-leading and patented design. They comply with Australian seismic, wind loading conditions etc., and other relevant industry standards.

silo systems aggregate hoppers

Aggregate (In-Line) Hoppers Features and Benefits:

  • 35-2,080 m3 capacity range
  • Typically hot-dip galvanised, to protect the machine from typical damages from site operations, but are also available painted upon request
  • The weighing belt beneath the upper storage hopper doses the material by pneumatic gates, facilitated by vibration or an aeration system. As the weighing belt is independent of the upper storage hopper, an operator can refill the hopper without interrupting the work cycle.
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